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Saturday, May 7, 2011

2012 Moleskine 12 month planners shipping now from Amazon!

Amazon.com is shipping most of the Moleskine 2012 planners already!!

The classic planners like the daily and weekly in Extra-Small, Pocket, and Large sizes are shipping now as well as the new Professional series planners (including the tough-sounding Taskmaster!).

Some of the new planner formats are not yet available (like the limited edition ones or the new Cahier planners) but keep checking because they will be shipping soon.

I have put links to some of my favorites in my sidebar for your convenience (scroll down and find them below the 18 month Moleskines), but be sure to browse around Amazon to see what's available.

Moleskine has lots of new planner sizes and formats for 2012 including the new Professionals series of planners, and the Cahier planners.  You can see the entire 2012 Moleskine planner selection in the current Moleskine catalog at:


The 2012 planners begin on pages 96-97!

I've already ordered the Large and Pocket size daily planners, because I've been getting both for about 5 years now and I always seem to find a use for them.

Will you be getting any of the 2012 Moleskine planners?


  1. Hi Laurie, thanks for the heads up! just the other day I was wondering when these were going to be out after I saw the 18 month planners available at Waterstone's.
    You remember I had gotten an 18 month last year? well, I've been fully using it for the past couple of months and I am quite happy with it.
    But what really bothers me is the fact that if I want to continue using Moleskine next year, I will have to get a 12 month one, or get an 18 month now and waste 6 months! Moleskine should come up with a new 18 month planner that starts on Dec '11 til June '13, that way us users would not waste 6 months of planner :)

  2. Oni, you are not the first person to suggest this exact thing! Marcus was it you who suggested this to Moleskine?

    Oni, do you mean you are using your Moleskine INSTEAD of your Filofax?? If so, how are you coping with the smaller day spaces, since you were used to using the day per page for so long? I'm desperate to know!!


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