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Thursday, May 26, 2011

WeekDate Restart

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You may have noticed I've been Tweeting about WeekDate planners a lot recently. It's because I'm pining for mine, which I stupidly put in my sea shipment (which hasn't arrived yet). I remember sadly putting my WeekDate planner on my shelf along with my other planners and notebooks not in current use, for the movers to pack in a box and put on the boat. My WeekDate, with its clever system of managing recurring events, represented my happy, settled life in Scotland. When that fell through, I thought I woudn't have a use for my WeekDate planner here in my new, disrupted life in Indonesia.

But now that I'm starting to settle in a bit and my life is returning to a regular pattern of school and activities, I'm desperate to get my WeekDate back into my hands!

What's even more reason for me to want it is that I've joined a Facebook group to follow the FlyLady system of household management. We're a Filofax group, so the idea is to use our Filofaxes as our FlyLady Control Journals. I will do this, but the main planning of routines and Zone Work will be done in my WeekDate. Kay Odell, the genius designer who created WeekDate planners, Tweeted recently that she has been a Flybaby for years and that the WeekDate is perfect for using with the FlyLady system!

I've been told that our shipment will arrive Monday (but I'll believe it when I see it!).  My office box of planners will be the first box I open!

Once I've got my WeekDate back up and running, I will post photos of how I'm using it to keep track of all our summertime activities (kids in sports and dance), social engagements, and my FlyLady routines and zones! I'm also trying to establish other routines like regular exercise. I don't naturally follow routines, but I think WeekDate's recurring weekly section will be hugely useful in helping me get in the habit of following routines.

The 2012 WeekDate planners are already available for pre-order! Click here to see the selection. I think I'm going to get the Bohemian one, but am trying to decide between that and the Twisted Sistah!

I have already pre-ordered the WeekDate Wall calendar which goes August 2011- December 2012. Click here for more information and to see how it works. This will be a great way of keeping track of everyone without having to re-write things constantly!

WeekDate is giving away two WeekDate Wall calendars through GoodReads! Click here to visit the giveaway entry page. Good luck and happy WeekDating!

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  1. Love the system... I dind't know it before but it seems quite practical.


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