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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2012 Moleskine planners: small update

My 2012 daily pocket Moleskine arrived this week! I couldn't resist opening it up and looking through it.
I'm happy to report the monthly calendars are still there, just the way I like them:

The print is darker and crisper in the 2012 planner than the 2011 one, which is nice.

I noticed one difference: the page with distances between cities is gone, and now the international dialing codes list spans the two-page spread.  Actually it's the same in the 2011-2012 Moleskine weekly notebook, I now realize. Click on this photo to see a closeup:

Here is the list in this year's planner:

Here is the two-page list in next year's planner:

I like the updated list with more countries. But, I still wish Moleskine would include the codes for dialing OUT of each country as well as dialing in. There have been times when I've been in a foreign country and had to call home, but had a hard time finding out the code to dial out of that country.

Anyway, a small but significant difference!


  1. I was looking online at those; the pocket and the XS. I was thinking it would be a good fat little book to throw in my bag. Does the Daily Pocket come in a soft cover?

  2. Daily Pocket DOES come in a soft cover, but Extra Small does not. The Pocket is a great combination of nice size page with plenty of space to write in a very small and portable book. The Extra Small is really tiny, about the size of your phone. It's great for portability, but only useful if you don't need to write more than a couple of sentences each day.


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