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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reader searching for Day on Two Pages bound planner

Reader Melissa emailed me recently asking if I know of a bound-book planner in the Day on Two Pages format (with the day's schedule on one page and the facing page for notes).  This is different from the very common day per page with each day on a single page.

The only bound planner with this format that I know of is made by Letts in the UK in the A4 size (approximately 8 1/2 by 12 inches), so it's a massive book for business use.

I told Melissa about Franklin Covey's day on two pages format inserts, and that Filofax USA has the format in personal size.

Does anyone know of a bound-book planner, in a normal size, with the day on two pages format?

Thanks for any suggestions!


  1. Melissa, Kelly commented on my previous post about how she sticks an index card between her daily pages (in her large Moleskine day per page planner) for lists and notes. This might be an option for you. Here is what she wrote about it:

    I use the Moleskine daily as a planner and a logbook. I kind of think of it as a paper version of Twitter. I write little "tweets" all day about what I'm doing, thinking, etc.

    I also keep some vertical index cards in the back pocket and use them for lists. I stick these in the page of the day. Sticky notes also work well if I need to jot a few things that aren't really important for the logbook.

  2. I think you can get this from FranklinCovey, but it is wirebound.

  3. Ooh I didn't know FC made a wirebound version, thanks! :)

  4. Also DayTimer has 2 pages-per-day wire bound refills.

  5. Thanks terri! This is great to know there are bound versions available!

  6. Paperblanks: http://paperblanks.com/us/en/product/5/supplements

    At the bottom there are thumbnails of the interior formats. The second from the left is the Verso format. Note also that all pages on the left are given equal room. I have the Paperblanks horizontal format and I LOVE IT. Paper quality is high, lines aren't too thin or too dark, there's enough space around the edges for me to write extra notes, page corners are rounded, there are monthly calendars included (although you have to turn the planner sideways to accommodate the landscape layout of the monthly calendars), there's an elastic closure string on mine (various closures for Paperblanks) and TWO ribbons. Yay. I wanted the Verso version but by the time I bough mine near the end of March they were unavailable.

  7. Oh, RATS! Just re-read title of this post: DAY on two pages. I just posted my comment for a WEEK on two pages. Sorry.

  8. LOL! No worries Nancy. Thanks for your suggestion! I agree Paperblanks planners are excellent, with wonderful paper and gorgeous covers. And they have the hard-to-find feature of having monthly calendars as well as the daily or weekly format too.

  9. Looks amazing!



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