Sunday, May 22, 2011

UK people: please tell me some "British" diary brands!

I'm on the lookout for specifically British diary brands. Here are some I already know:

Letts is a British diary brand, which also owns Filofax.  Letts diaries are printed in Scotland (bonus points!).

Dodo Pad has been a British diary icon for 44+ years now.

What other brands of diary are British? 

And the big question: are there any diaries that are specifically Scottish??


  1. you might not want to hear this but all i could think of was smythson

    smythson diaries

  2. The diary my colleagues and I get from our employee are from Collins. They are quite nice.

  3. Oh right I completely forgot about Smythson, probably because they are so far out of my price range! They are gorgeous though.

    I will look up Collins diaries. Thanks!

  4. I'm sure Collins are English, certainly one of the brands I've bought in the past

  5. The diaries that I sell are Castelli, Organised Mum, Santoro Gorjuss Range and I am about to start stocking Organise Us range, these look lovely! Do check them out!!

  6. Collins also sell personal organisers and refills that I think are compatible with Filofax...

  7. Mags do you have a website? I'd love to see your range of products available!

    Thanks Steve for these links!!

  8. Hi again Laurie
    This might be a long way around. But Oxford Cartographers sell maps to lots of publishers including diary printers, Filofax use them too.

    May be contact them and ask who they supply in UK/Scotland:


  9. Hi Laurie, yes I do have a website, which is - I will be adding my diaries over the next couple of weeks but I think you might like some of my other products!!!!

    I love knowing that I am not the only one who loves stationery!

  10. Oops forgot to mention that I am based in Scotland!

  11. Mullberry, Also Aspinal of London


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