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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Coming soon on Plannerisms!

Hey everybody, I have a backlog of reviews to do. Several people have been extremely generous in sending me products and I want to give them all the attention they deserve. And, I also got a little spendy around the holidays and got some goodies for myself that I want to tell you all about too. Here's what's coming up in the next few weeks, not necessarily in this order:

Quo Vadis Monthly 4 is an 18 month, monthly planner with excellent organizational features.

Rickshaw Bagworks
Moleskine Folio (which now comes in 3 different adaptations: Original (which accommodates a Moleskine notebook, sketchbook, or weekly planner), Daily (which is bigger to hold the Moleskine Day-per-page planner) and Smartphone (which has a pocket for your electronic device of choice!). These things are absolutely awesome, and I can't even say that enough. Seriously, you guys. There's an enormous selection of fabrics and colors to choose from. I'll be going on and on about mine, but here is the website if you want to go ahead and check it out:


Rickshaw Bagworks Mini Zero Bag: mine is awesome, and I'll tell you all about it. In the meantime:


Plan It brand student planners, which are full of excellent local information, contacts (a Yellow Pages right in the book!!), and money-saving coupons. These are a must-have for any university student!

And the rest of the Daycraft diaries and notebooks that were sent to me as samples to review, which are:

Chromatic Days diary

Make My Day diary

Cantoon notebook

The Creative Exit D-sign notebook

And the stunningly beautiful Signature sketchbook

And of course my usual planner pontifications, questions, musings and functionality reports.

Whew! That's a lot of fun plannering to look forward to! So stay tuned, Plannerisms readers, for lots to come!


  1. oooh looking forward to them. sounds great!

  2. OMG sounds like you are living the dream! Imagine if this were a serious occupation. I think you, me, and the rest of the people in these communities and flickr groups and such would be ruling the world by now! HAHA

  3. Oh yes, if I could get paid a real salary to do something planner-related, that would definitely be my dream job!!!!


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