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Monday, February 1, 2010

Quo Vadis bookmark/ elastic strap

Karen from Exaclair very generously sent me this cool little thing from Quo Vadis: it's a bookmark that has an elastic strap attached to it, for keeping your place in your book and also holding the book closed while it's rattling around in your bag. It's meant to be used with your planner, but it can be used with any book. Personally I want a stack of these to use with my planners, whatever book(s) I happen to be reading at the time, and also just to play with.

The bookmark itself has a ruler on one side with inches and centimeters, which I really appreciate. For whatever reason, I often find myself looking for a ruler to measure something (usually planner dimensions!), so I like to have a ruler right there in my planner. The other side has a little globe image with "Where are you going?" (Which is what Quo Vadis means) in several languages. I get a kick out of the international-ness of it.

I tried the bookmark strap on several of my planners and notebooks. For the larger books I found that wrapping the strap around the middle of the book, rather than lengthwise, works better.

I especially like it for my Journal 21. As I posted in my Journal 21 review, I don't like to tear the corners out of day-per-page books, and my bookmark kept sliding out of the smooth pages, so I was wondering how I would keep my place in this book. Problem solved! Although I have to say, I don't care for the brown and tan against the lilac cover, I would have preferred black, or even black and gray if they wanted to be distinctive.

It's great for keeping my Minister closed in my bag (but again, I wish the strap were black instead). It pulls a bit on the soft cover when I put it on lengthwise, but not so much to prevent me from using it this way if I need to:

But I prefer to use it across the middle of my Minister, it holds it closed very securely this way:

It stretches easily to accommodate my Monthly 4 (which I will be doing a full review of soon):

Yet it doesn't sag on my (2009) Exacompta Daily Pocket:

It's great on my Clairefontaine hard-backed notebook, keeping it securely closed while it travels in my bag:

It even fits on my small yellow spiral bound Clairefontaine, which goes everywhere with me:

And it's also great for regular books:

As you can see, I need several more of these handy little elastic strap bookmarks! I don't know yet where they can be purchased, but you can bet I'll let you all know as soon as I find out!

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  1. I just got one of these and am writing the review as we speak. I didn't think to use it sideways and love seeing all the ways you tried it out. Will include a link to this review in my post.


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