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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sandy's Rhodia Webnotebook and long notepad

Here is another guest post from my sister Sandy, where she reviews her Rhodia webnotebook and long notepad, which were generously sent to her by Karen at Exaclair.

Rhodia webnotebook:

Karen from Exaclair was so kind to send me a Rhodia Web notebook. I was immediately impressed by the little thing, mostly because of the quality of the paper and the unique feel of the cover.

The cover is so cool! It is both soft and hard. It has a firm board backing (so, the inside front cover), like the Moleskine; however, the (outside front and back) cover is very soft and kind of rubbery-feeling. The front cover is embossed with the Rhodia logo. The spine is extremely soft to the touch, reminiscent of a rose petal… seriously. I'd talk about it more, but I'll refrain. Just trust me. SOFT.

The paper is nearly an identical shade to my Moleskine week + notes (that I divorced, as you can read about here). In the sun, the Rhodia webnotebook is slightly darker. The paper is slick, like my TriNote weekly planner, but I couldn't decide if the pages were the same thickness or not. So, I had my co-worker close her eyes and rub a page of the Trinote and then a page of the Rhodia web notebook. She rubbed them each again and said that the Trinote page feels thicker to her, but they’re both equally as slick feeling. I think she’s right, but they’re so similar, it’s hard to tell. Where the Moleskine paper feels thin, flimsy and reminds me of paper I used in elementary school to practice writing my letters and numbers, the Rhodia pages feel solid, sturdy, and slick.

Also, when I write on a page in the Rhodia web notebook, I can write on the backside of that page without any distracting see-through action. That is very important to me. I want each new page to feel blank, even if there's writing on the backside of it.

The book does not lay flat when opened, but I'm using it as a journal and not a planner, so that's not much of an issue to me. Planners must lay flat, but I don't mind that the notebook has a natural tendency to close. The pages are lined with nice lines that have enough space between them that I can write comfortably. I don't feel like I'm squishing my letters, yet I can still fit quite a bit of writing onto each page. I can see how I could fill it up quickly. This book is good for writing random notes, lists, random bursts of venting, reminders, or basic points you want to remember during a speech/conversation/debate. Also, the Rhodia logo is on each page at the bottom corner, but it's not distracting in any way. In fact, it gives the page a little bit of character without being obnoxious.

From the pictures, you can see that there are 3 features that make this notebook similar to the Moleskine format:

1. It has a placeholder ribbon

2. It has an elastic band to keep the book closed

3. It has a back pocket. (Unlike my Moleskine week + notes planner the pocket is black, like the front inside cover of the book.)

This is a great little notebook to keep in my purse or carry around in a bookbag. I love the feel of the cover, and the paper is nice to the touch. It's definitely something I look forward to using and continue to use until I fill it up, which might not take long, since I like writing in it so much.

Rhodia Lined Notepad

Although I am very pleased with my transition from my Moleskine week + notes to my Quo Vadis Trinote, there are times where I just need to make. a. list. And, although there are boxes that provide lists for to-do’s and notes for each day, sometimes it’s just not enough. For example, my grocery list is a mile long, and I don’t want to keep that in my planner. Or, what about an RSVP list for a party? I can’t fit that anywhere.

Well… Karen at Exaclair was very generous in sending me a Rhodia lined notepad. The length and size is perfect for taping or paper-clipping into my Trinote for temporary lists. Also, each page of the notepad has excellent perforation … meaning I don’t rip the page when I’m tearing out a sheet. And, that’s just not like me. Most perforated notebooks end up looking mauled by the time I’ve got the sheet out. These notepad sheets tear out very nicely. The paper rocks. It’s slick but not too slick and doesn’t bleed through at all.

Everything about this notepad makes it to be a convenient accessory to my Trinote.

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  1. I bought one of these little web note books today 9x14cm I will admit I bought it on impulse in our local supermarket, and I haven't thought yet what I will use if for.. still in the plastic wrapping!!

    I had an idea that you would have reviewed one! I will let you know what I do with it when I've decided!


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