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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quo Vadis Visoplan monthly planner

Way back in November I talked about getting a Visoplan monthly planner to tuck into my weekly planner. I like to use a monthly view calendar for certain things, and my weekly planner didn't have one, so I decided to get one to supplement my week view. I am happy to report it's going swimmingly, and I'd like to tell you all about it.

I went with the Visoplan specifically because there are so many features that I really like. The size is very small, 3 1/2 x 6 5/8 inches, so it can be tucked into the cover of a Textagenda/ Notor or anything larger. I tuck it into the cover of my Minister, which I'll tell you more about later.

I chose the Visoplan over the similar-sized Exaplan because the Viso has more holidays and events pre-printed in the calendar. And, the Visoplan has more space for weekends. Another thing I really like about the Viso is at the top of the monthly page, there are boxes for Priority, Phone, See-Do and Notes. These boxes are where I write reminders for the month like if one of us is due for a dental appointment, if my car insurance needs to be renewed, or any major events happening that month that I want to highlight.

Click on the photo at the top of the post to see a larger view of the December spread. There you can see the boxes at the top, and also all the international holidays listed.

As if the excellent monthly layout weren't enough for this great little calendar, it's also packed with other features.

There is an annual planner for an overview of your entire year: A very useful and detailed World Time Zones map:

Detailed maps of the US (not shown) and Canada (shown below), and a chart of average monthly minimum and maximum temperatures for lots of cities worldwide (great for helping you pack accordingly):There is an overview calendar for next year, and a couple of pages for notes:
The Visoplan uses the luxurious 90g acid-free Clairefontaine paper, and is printed with gray and teal inks which are very pleasant to look at. There is a lot of attention to detail and a high level of aesthetics in this little planner!

At first I tried putting it inside the front cover of my Minister, but it slid around when opening and closing the book. So I realized it would stay put better inside the back cover. I placed it under my address book insert, and taped the back cover of the Visoplan to the edge of the back cover of my address book, so that it stays firmly in place. It's so slim it's hardly noticeable in my Minister:

The Visoplan opens horizontally:
I would prefer if it opened vertically, but it's not a dealbreaker for me. It's worth turning my book because the monthly format is so nice. I know the format would have to be different with a vertically-opening book.

I am really happy with this setup. Of course I would prefer having the monthly calendars already in my Minister, or a Minister-sized monthly insert, but the Visoplan is the next best option.

I bought the Visoplan refill (without the cover) on www.TheDailyPlanner.com for 3 bucks. You can also get the Visoplan with a variety of colors and styles of covers.

The Visoplan monthly planner is a great option for someone who needs a comprehensive pocket-sized monthly calendar to go everywhere with them, or to use (as I did) as an insert in your weekly or daily planner. It's an excellent planner at a great price!

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