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Monday, February 15, 2010

Rickshaw Bagworks Zero Bag and Round Trip Shipper

As promised, here is my awesome Mini Zero bag from Rickshaw bagworks!Yes yes, I know, it's not a planner. But:

1) My disclaimer above: this blog is MOSTLY about planners.

2) Actually I have a planner-related tie-in at the bottom of the post. So read on.
This Mini is from the Valley Forge collection. Scroll down the bags and this pattern is the last one: it's called Global Matrix Mint Jelly. 3 guesses why I like it so much!

The interior color is called Iris, and I think it's just about the most gorgeous color of purple I've ever seen.
The Zero bags come in the following sizes: Mini (this one, small purse size), Small (large purse/ small messenger size), Medium (a pretty big bag), and Large (ginormous). You can get more accurate measurements on their website.

To get a better idea of how much each size Zero bag can hold, be sure to check out Rickshaw's Zero Bag Measurement System photo set on Flickr with examples of how much each bag can hold.

As with all Rickshaw products they are custom-made with the fabric and color of your choice. They have super-durable waterproof fabric for you hardcore bag users, beautiful wool tweed, and cordura in a wide selection of solid colors. The Minis have a selection of patterns. You choose your fabric for the exterior, interior and trim in whatever combination you desire. Go nuts.

The reason these bags are called Zero is because they are produced using zero wasted materials. They use every bit of fabric down to the little trimming scraps, literally, in the bag. They have an excellent video showing how the Zero bags are made. I think the Zero bags are great. I want several in every size and numerous fabrics.

Here's something else. The pouch below is called a Round Trip Shipper.

What the heck does that mean, you ask? Well, it's actually a very cool way to reduce waste. Rickshaw mails their smaller products to people in these instead of disposable mailing envelopes. The idea is, you mail it back to them (using the prepaid postage sticker) and they use it over and over. Rickshaw has a Flickr photostream explaining all about the Round Trip Shippers.

I warned them ahead of time that if they sent me a RTS I would keep it because it's just such a cool zip pouch. (If you do want to keep your RTS let them know and they'll charge you a small fee for it.) And, lucky me, they sent me one that's purple on the back and gold on the front. Rock on.

Here! I told you there's a planner tie-in! My Mini Zero is not large enough to hold my Moleskine folio (actually, it would fit but then nothing else would) so I carry my folio in the RTS to keep the rain off its fuzzy purple delightfulness:

Ta daaaaa!

So there's some more Rickshaw love for you.

Here is a family photo of my Rickshaw Mini Zero bag, Moleskine folio, and Round Trip Shipper:
I bought these on:


  1. What sizes of Filofax fit the bag itself?


  2. Steve, glad you asked! A Personal size Filofax fits in the Mini Zero standing upright, but does take up most of the space in the bag. I have to warn you though, the Mini Zero is definitely a ladies' bag, not a murse. I don't own a Small Zero (yet...) but a Personal size would fit comfortably and I'm guessing an A5 would fit too. I'll let you know in a couple of weeks when my new Small Zero arrives! ;D

  3. Check out Rickshaw Bagworks' new updated site, now it has a Customizer where you can Style Your Own bag or Moleskine folio with fabrics you choose, and see what it will look like! Very cool!! You can also see what the bags look like on a person to get a good idea of the bag sizes. Fantastic feature!!

  4. I'm in the minority I think!! Thanks for the details Laurie... the quest continues...

  5. My new custom Small Zero bag has arrived!! I love it! You can see it here:


    And, it came in a Round Trip Shipper, with a pre-paid postage sticker! I stuck it on and sent it back, super-easy. What a great way to reduce waste!

  6. BTW, an A5 Filofax fits comfortably inside the Small Zero with plenty of room to spare! In fact, I put BOTH my A5 Finsburies into it at the same time to test it, and there's still room for wallet/ sunglasses and a few other things.

    There is a huge selection of colors and fabrics, manly and womanly both! They also have wool tweed in brown or green that I have my eye on...


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